A state of mind;

Cool, Calm, Collected

US Grown Full Spectrum CBD
CBD 1250 mg
CBD 1250 mg
CBD 1250 mg
Aids anxiety, sleep, focus. Small Batch, Doctor Certified. Lab tested for potency and purity. Professional Athlete Tested!
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Why Choose Us?

CBDism features one of the best CBD brands on the market by Certified Doctors. With 1,250 mg of CBD in each bottle. Each 1/2 dropper contains 20 mg of CBD.  Each full dropper contains 40 mg of CBD. All CBDism CBD is lab tested for purity and potency.

As a professional athlete, I am constantly pushing my body to the limit.  Certified Doctors CBD helps me heal after games and workouts by providing a calming relaxation, and restful sleep.  

Professional Football Player